The growing popularity of social media has had many positive and negative implications for society. Social media has impacted our society for better and for worse. It is up to us to decide how we view social media and how we allow social networking to either benefit or harm our lives. While social media has many positive implications, including promoting awareness of specific causes, advertising businesses and helping foster friendships between individuals who may have never met without social networking, it can also lead to negative implications. Social media sites were developed as a tool to communicate with others by sharing personal information, photos, videos, comments and more.


For the trucking industry social media has brought both a positive and negative impact to our industry.

  • Drivers can now easily communicate with family and friends where ever they are
  • access weather and road reports
  • locate customers
  • keep informed with rules and regulations
  • stay connected within the trucking industry
  • Learn of industry events, truck shows etc
  • Bond with fellow drivers
  • Carriers can now easily recruit
  • Keep drivers informed of company changes
  • Changes to regulations etc
  • Promote their company
  • Promote driver accomplishments
  • Learn of industry events, truck shows etc


Social networking can sometimes result in negative outcomes, some with long-term consequences.


  • Allowing the spread of misinformation that may be perceived as fact
  • Bullying
  • Creating a culture in which a single mistake such as a picture or poorly thought-out comment can cause irreparable harm to either a person or companies reputation
  • If you affiliate your job with your personal social media profile, keep in mind you are representing both yourself and your employer, you are a rolling billboard for your company
  • Failure to treat fellow human beings with dignity, and respect regardless of gender, race or religion
  • Showing images of victims or accident scenes
  • Jumping to conclusions based on just a picture
  • Taking pictures or videos while driving is unprofessional and distractive driving
  • Negative impact on CVOR ( direct result from distractive driving)
  • Effect Insurance rates ( Insurance companies monitor social media sites)


Quite often the public media only ever reports the negative within our industry and never the positive. Drivers complain they jump to conclusions without knowing the facts. Yet this is something I often see by drivers on social media. Isn’t it time we were all responsible for what we post and share… Would you want your family to learn of your accident on social media ??? Would you like to be falsely accused of causing an accident ??? Have your skills judged by your peers based on a picture ??? Regardless of whether you’re a driver, carrier or the media get the facts before passing judgement .  Let’s all try to focus more on the positive than the negative. Think twice before you post and share.

What we say and do on social media not only effects us , it effects everyone around us !