Twelve years ago, 28 Nov 2005, my belated co-driver, William (Bill) Sloggett & I attended orientation with TransX in Winnipeg, MB and what a ride it’s been ever since.

Our 1st assigned truck was a Volvo (#85120) that was governed at 115km/hrs. We always got so excited when we hit the Hwy 16 between Saskatoon, SK and Edmonton, AB. Hammer down all the way home. 😂

On our 1st trip out we were heading back from Mississauga, ON when I got the call that my grandpa Duly (my mother’s dad) passed away. He lived in Welland, ON and we wanted to turn around but it was our 1st load with our new job. I called up, Tim Murphy (our 1st dispatcher who has now moved up the ladder since) and explained the situation. Immediately he got the ball rolling. We got home to Edmonton & I jumped on a plane to make it in time for my grandfather’s funeral; even spent some time with the family. Right from the start both Bill & I were appreciative of how TransX put personal needs first.


Over the years I’ve gone through a divorce, 2 surgeries, paid off my condo & renews, boughten a few cars, but most importantly grown into the crazy chick I am today. 😂




One of my biggest accomplishments in the trucking industry has got to be receiving my Million Miles Award for 2013. What a special night that was at the annual TransX Safety Award Dinner. A fellow driver, Barb, that I looked up to and respected received her 2 Million Mile Award that night. Sadly, she has now passed away. The theme that night was the roaring 1920’s. The following 2 years after had the themes of Mardi Gras & Old Hollywood Glam. Oh what fun I had making those costumes.




As the miles racked up so did making great friends. I was so honoured and still am when Shelley Uvanile-Hesch, CEO of the Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada asked me to not only join but to be on the Drivers Advisory Council. But the topper was when she asked me to be a mentor on the WTFC Mentor/Mentees Only page on Facebook. Thank you, Shelley, for expanding my knowledge, giving me an outlet to perhaps helping other women & men too, but most of all helping me build my self confidence.


This past year TransX has become a sponsor to this great group and it’s been greatly rewarding.


Shannon and Shawn


Another amazing thing that happened while working for TransX would be meeting my beloved, Shawn Mills, who just happens to work for DeckX. It’s been a world win romance and a none stop adventure.


Together we each have cute dogs that travel with us up and down the roads. Phreaway, travels with Shawn while Hyway, travels with me.


Sadly, back in January of this year, one of the hardest things happened and that would be the passing of my co-driver, Bill. We’ve known each other for almost 20 years and it’s because of him that I even got into trucking. Still can’t believe he’s gone but the memories of the eleven years will always put a smile on my face; especially all those times we fought like cats & dogs. 😀


Since his passing I’ve worked tremendously hard at learning to drive single, back up, e-logs, work a GPS, dash-cam, crossing border procedures, and mainly trying to get use to being away from home so much.


One of the many things that’s helped me through this difficult time has been how TransX has stood by me. Yes, given monetary would be greatly celebrated if there was an increase but the bottom line is the strength, support, and patience that has been overwhelming. Thank you, TransX.

Another thank you has to go out to all my friends and family. Without you I know I wouldn’t be where I am today. The love and on going support will never be forgotten or unappreciated.

Life is truly a highway. May there be many more miles. Be safe all !!

Shannon Charest Block