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Kim Richardson Transportation Specialists Inc (KRTS) Kim Richardson Transportation Specialists Inc.

At Kim Richardson Transportation Specialists Inc. we offer extensive knowledge and experience in the training and education industry, whether you are a company or an individual looking to be a Professional Operator.

KRTS Transportation Specialists Inc. 39 Argyle St. N, Caledonia, ON, N3W 1B8

Phone: (905) 765-3445 Fax: (905) 765-1444 Toll-Free: 1-800-771-8171

Changing Gears : Vancouver, BC YWCA

CHANGING GEARS is a Free 23-week Truck Driver Training Program for Women. Are you on EI or have been within the last 3 years? Interested in securing full-time employment as a truck driver in the transportation industry?



Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario

Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario

One of the TTSAO’s principle concerns is to ensure that all drivers entering the field maintain a minimum level of knowledge and ability consistent not only with the needs of their employers, but for the safety of the general public with whom they interact with each day.




20161003_140750Advancing Women in the Trucking Industry

Advancing Women in the Trucking Industry is a federally funded initiative through the Status of Women. Led by the THRSC Atlantic this initiative allowed the trucking industry in Atlantic Canada to research existing barriers to employment, advancement, and more importantly, strategies to support industry efforts to increase the number of women considering careers in the trucking industry. This toolkit was developed to provide information, stories and samples to help employers work towards the goal of increasing representation and advancing women in the trucking industry. * The information provided in this tool kit is general information only and does not constitute legal advice. As a matter of course employers should seek legal advice on employment issues.



Women Building Futures

Get the hands on training you need to get behind the Wheel. You could be earning a good living as an operator driving paving equipment, hydrovac trucks, refueling trucks, dump trucks, snow plows, delivery vehicles, and oilfield equipment haulers. Class 1 coming in 2017. Non-traditional occupations for women, such as the skilled trades, can offer a direct route to a secure and fulfilling future.



Conestoga College

Whether you’re choosing a career for the first time or considering a career change, a non-traditional career path can be just the thing for you. It can help you: balance work and family life, keep learning and growing as long as you wish and contribute to your community in ways you may have not yet considered.

Conestoga College is a leader in skilled trades training for women. Through gender specific programming and opportunities for mentorship, Conestoga has assisted many women in pursuing a rewarding career in the skilled trades.


The Women Unlimited Association

The Women Unlimited Association programs are designed to assist diverse, unemployed and underemployed women explore, prepare for, obtain and maintain employment in the trades and technology fields.