Lorraine Lewis

Lorraine Lewis

My first year as a Trucker by Lorraine Lewis 

During my first year of being a female truck driver for Drapeau I have faced many obstacles that I have surpassed, I have made many new contacts in the trucking industry and have grown as an independent woman.   Being a female truck driver has its challenges and sometimes people doubt you, but that only makes me want to prove them wrong. Some people drive others are born to truck !


Working for a smaller company allows more access to resources from different people within the company. Which is greatly appreciated.  While travelling I have seen many beautiful views and have met a lot of interesting people. I have enjoyed my first year very much, and I hope to have many more.  From the first day that I arrived I was nervous and lacked confidence but now I go into work and I know that I’m going to succeed at any task thrown my way.  I’m a proud member of the Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada and also a part of their mentorship program. I can’t say enough about the help and encouragement I receive from this great organization. Good luck to all and keep on trucking.




Last September I had the honor of participating in the Trucking For A Cure Convoy in Woodstock, ON . I had a lot of support from my daughter’s and Margaret. I’m really looking forward to being apart of this years convoy.  I hope to see more of my sister truckers at this event !!!! Come on out and join us for the 2nd Annual photo with the pinky truck.





Margaret Hogg-JG Drapeau

Margaret Hogg-JG Drapeau

I wanted to express how much I appreciate Lorraine Lewis who started with J.G. Drapeau Ltd. back in April 2016.

 Lorraine was attending Micro Skills, an institute that served the unemployed with its priority to women on all levels.  She was attending their transportation course that was also supported by Humber Institute of Advanced Learning Transportation Training Center. I have to add that Shelley the founder of WTFC was always supporting these women as well.  Always made me smile .




Margaret Hogg, Deborah Huffman, Lorraine Lewis

I had met Lorraine several times prior to her graduating with honors from Humber, and I always had this feeling that she would be part of our family one day soon.

 On her first day with us, she was being mentored by one of our drivers for 3 weeks.  Everything went well, he was very impressed.  So basically on her 4th week she was in her big rig toy all by herself.  She still had the opportunity to reach out to her mentor whenever she required.  She even had mentorship by other drivers on all levels.  This also gave her more confidence and pride.



It’s been a little over 1 year now and Lorraine has been pushing to get into a bigger toy so she can actually cross the border now.   Therefore I have applied and paid for her FAST Card as we do haul a lot of hazardous materials.  Therefore, another new journey will begin for her….cant wait! 


Margaret Hogg, Lorraine Lewis

Just want to also express, that Lorraine is and can be a great inspiration to many women in our industry as well as women that want to get started in driving a big rig toy.


Thank you Lorraine for your hard work, dedication and inspiration.



Margaret Hogg,

General Manager J.G. Drapeau  & Board Member of Ontario Trucking Association/Toronto Trucking Association/Hamilton Transportation Club/Trucking HR Canada, Women with Drive/WTFC


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