The Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada is a non-profit organization established to encourage the employment of women in the Transportation Industry.  We want to celebrate and promote these accomplishments as well as address obstacles and issues faced by women working in the industry. Our purpose is to promote personal growth and responsibility whether you’re” In the Office, under the Hood or behind the Wheel”. Despite the name, “Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada “, our membership is not limited to women. We welcome the involvement of anyone who is positive and supportive of women in the Transportation Industry.

This is not just an organization, this is a network .  We hope you will join us…..

Primary Goal/Intention

  •  Create a network for women


  •  Empower women
  •  Expand employment of women
  •  Improve & promote training standards
  •  Message public re: safety around large commercial vehicles
  •  Shift attitudes: Drivers as qualified professionals, Driver Image
  •  Promote retention
  •  Promote encouragement & unity between new & experienced drivers
  • Safety issues facing women in the industry

Advocacy…Mentoring…Networking…Empowerment…Education…Camaraderie…Pride and Passion in what we do !!!


Membership and Criteria Levels:

 ” In the Office,under the Hood or behind the Wheel ” ( any aspect of the trucking industry) Membership: Fee – $25/yr For Individuals 

Supportive Membership  – $ 35/yr For Individuals not in the Trucking Industry

Pay Membership Fee


Associate  Membership – Please contact Shelley Uvanile-Hesch at

Corporate Memberships – Start at $ 500/yr for more information please contact Shelley Uvanile-Hesch at

Pay Membership Fee


Consider giving a one-time or recurring donation to help us continue our movement.




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Women’s Trucking Federation Of Canada

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338-425 Hespeler Rd

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