MacKinnon Transport is committed to the development of highly skilled and qualified AZ drivers.  We provide newly licensed AZ drivers with 6-8 weeks of additional on the road training they require to be professional and confident behind the wheel.


All drivers who have less than one year of verifiable AZ experience will be required to complete this program.  Upon successful completion of the program drivers will be well on their way to obtaining their Commercial Truck Drivers Apprenticeship after accumulating the required work hours and skills.


What this program offers:

MacKinnon Transports driver development program is meant to enhance training received at an accredited driving school.  This industry focused program provides you with one on one hands on training.  Our driver development team works to assess each individual driver and tailors a program to meet their specific needs.  

Some of the areas we cover:

– Safety Behind the Wheel                
– On site Safety                          
– Defensive Driving      
– Intensive Cargo Securement Program             
– Customer paperwork 
– How to deal with DOT & MTO           
– Border Crossing procedures
– Transportation of Dangerous Goods 
– Trip planning
– Electronic Logs
– Shifting

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