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The Women’s Trucking Federation Of Canada was established  to encourage and promote  the Women of the Trucking Industry whether your ” In the Office, under the Hood or behind the Wheel we’re allWomen's Trucking Federation of Canada pieces of the puzzle ” Commercial truck drivers should be portrayed as qualified professionals and perceived that way by the general public. WTFC  will shift attitudes in that direction by promoting training standards, safety, and encouraging unity. 

Despite the name, “Women’s Trucking Federation Of Canada “, our membership is not limited to women. Our members include anyone who supports our mission. Are there issues that are unique to women? No, but there are issues that affect women more than they affect men. These are some of the concerns we are focusing our efforts on and working to alleviate.

Our purpose is to promote personal growth and responsibility whether your ” In the Office, under the Hood or behind the Wheel “,   to create a recognizable shift toward qualified professionals who are entering the industry. This is not just an organization, this is a network .  We hope you will join us…..

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Membership and Criteria Levels:

 ” In the Office,under the Hood or behind the Wheel ”  Membership: Fee – $25/yr For Individuals  

Supportive Membership  – $ 35/yr For Individuals not in the Trucking Industry

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Organizational  Memberships – $ 200/yr

Corporate Memberships  – $ 500 /yr

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