DeckX Transport is proud to announce that we have recently implemented a New Driver Trainee Program for newly licensed drivers and a Flat Deck Training Program for seasoned Drivers, with no previous Flat Deck experience. The program is in its infancy and is currently limited to training one applicant at a time, out of our head office based in Winnipeg, MB. Since we implemented the program, we have successfully trained two new drivers and we are welcoming a third driver trainee onto our team late May, 2017.



Will Wuss Trainee






The New Driver Training Program has been developed to provide novice drivers with an additional 6-8 weeks, on-the-road training, with a DeckX Trainer, in order to enhance their driving skills. This training will include additional instruction in the use of tarps, straps and chains with which to provide the knowledge and skills required, so as to successfully operate flat decks. New drivers will continue with their skills development once they have successfully completed the 6-8 week program and have been promoted from a Driver Trainee and have been dispatched on their 1st independent load.

the forks day





The Flat Deck Training requirement, for highly skilled and experienced drivers, is designed to teach the knowledge and skills needed, to secure loads using tarps, straps, and chains. Drivers will again continue their skills development once having been dispatched on their 1st independent load.
Our vision is to develop this program and expand it to our satellite locations based out of Aberfoyle, ON and Edmonton, AB.







For more information please contact Suzanne Rhodes at DeckX.
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