I was recently asked ” What is better being a member or a sponsor ? ”  My response was : To be honest with you I hate the term “sponsorship” WHY because I believe as members we work together for the common goal.  Memberships are better than self promotion. – Shelley Uvanile-Hesch 

Primary Goal/Intention

  •  Create a network for women


  •  Empower women
  •  Expand employment of women
  •  Improve & promote training standards
  •  Message public re: safety around large commercial vehicles
  •  Shift attitudes: Drivers as qualified professionals, Driver Image
  •  Promote retention
  •  Promote encouragement & unity between new & experienced drivers (women & men)
  • Safety issues facing women in the industry


This is not just an organization; this is a network and we hope you will join us….

For more information on membership please contact Shelley Uvanile-Hesch at shelleyu@wtfc.ca

Consider giving a one-time or recurring donation to help us continue our movement.



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