Inevitably every year we have a major pileup of cars and  trucks in inclement weather…but it is avoidable if we all do our part. Pay attention to local news and weather reports and plan your trip accordingly. If you have to travel in inclement weather leave an extra hour or two to get where you need to be safely. If you don’t feel safe don’t go !!!  Remember to slow down,  keep your distance and not cut in front of others. The life you save maybe your own !!!!
Let’s discuss a few of the issues : 
1. Following distance!  

Trucks require a football field on dry ground… on bad roads you can expect at least double if not triple! When visibility is less than a mile… your distance needs to increase and  you’re speed needs to decrease . 

Keep a safe following distance

2. Speed!! SLOW DOWN…

Not only should  you slow down sooner, but your maneuverability will be easier if you catch yourself in a slide…. sliding is scary in ANY situation… sliding at 100 + KPH , is terrifying Because any movement by yourself or others can make a bad situation worse!

Slow Down-Posted speed limit is often too fast for the conditions

3.  “Always Leave Yourself An Out”  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!!!

I can’t imagine that many of you haven’t heard this somewhere, even us old timers… “always leave yourself an OUT!” A ditch or a field is much better than a person or another vehicle… you might sustain some injury, or damage to your vehicle, but it’s better than the alternative. 

Instead of ending up in the pile… find your way out!!

4. Lights On !! 

Make sure your full headlighting system is on.  Clear the snow from your lights and don’t forget your tail lights. 

5. Sliding !! 

If you find yourself in a skid … steer into the skid and not out of it , this will help you get control of your vehicle . Keep your foot off the brake.  No engine/jake brakes !!!

Find a safe place to get off the road and “Park It” if weather is severe, no load is worth a Life  !!!!!!!!! 

Let’s all keep safe this winter ……