Women in Trucking

The Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada is about camaraderie, drivers helping drivers, pride and passion in what we do, empowerment and building morale.

We aim to build bridges between drivers and all areas of the trucking industry; carriers, enforcement, training organizations, and safety groups, as well as citizens and the media. An important part of this goal is getting more involved with young people at the high school level, or even elementary school, We aim to help our youth better understand trucking and to promote trucking as a viable career option.

The Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada doesn’t have all the answers but we know the solutions are  within our body of experience. For too long drivers have been left out in the cold when it comes toWomen drivers 1942 “driver Issues.” We’ve found after speaking with a few carriers these common key issues : training, safety ,mentoring etc. For some it’s an unwillingness of their drivers to participate, while for others it’s financial. These hard economic times are affecting every aspect of our industry. We’d like to help in those areas. To make and supply an on line data source for carriers and drivers to use. To produce safety and training videos for all areas of our industry. To give safety and training seminars. To attend school job fairs. To actively start promoting Trucking as a viable career choice. To promote a positive image of trucking with the general public. By creating a diverse board of trucking industry executives as well as drivers we believe together we can build a great organization that can build the bridge of understanding between carriers and drivers.

As drivers, we are often told that we’re the front line of the trucking industry, but we’re often the least heard when it comes to issues affecting drivers. Whatever discussion is taking place, whether it’s recruiting and, training, compensation, quality of life issues like wellness and home time, or security and safety, you may just be surprised at the wealth of knowledge and experience that’s in that “front line.”

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